“I purchased the Elon Musk biography by Walter Isaacson as a Christmas gift for a family member but HAD to read it myself first as a space enthusiast. Isaacson is an incredible writer; I had read two previous books by him, which influenced my decision to buy this one. Isaacson takes a complex and controversial person like Musk and describes him so thoroughly that you feel you understand what drives his decisions and actions.

“As a child, I watched the U.S. land on the moon, and then saw the Shuttle program discontinued, so SpaceX missions are a rebirth of interest for me. The hurdles overcome by SpaceX are enormous and Musk’s returnable rocket accomplishments by a private company (not NASA) may seem normal to many but are truly humbling to me. His vision for Tesla and full self-driving AI future plans appeal to me as an aging boomer. The book tells the story of Musk emigrating to the U.S., overcoming a difficult childhood and living with Asperger’s and then advancing the world in electric cars and space travel.” — MARY MARSHALL, York

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