The little guy just didn’t want to wait.

Scarborough 911 dispatcher Nicole Thompson answered a frantic emergency call Thursday from a man driving to Maine Medical Center. His wife was in labor, and he told Thompson he didn’t think they’d make it to the hospital in time, according to a Scarborough Fire Department Facebook post.

Thompson, a licensed EMS Emergency Medical Dispatcher, told him to pull over so first responders could be dispatched to help. And as the mother’s labor intensified, Thompson gave the man instructions on how to bring his new son into the world.

First responders were en route, but the baby got there first.

“To everyone’s delight, the baby boy could be heard crying on a 911 line, a welcome and happy sound!” the post reads.

A few minutes later, medical workers arrived and took over.


Thompson has been nominated for a “stork award” for guiding the father through the delivery, according to the Scarborough Fire Department.

The award, given out by the Maine Emergency Medical Services Bureau, is for first responders who help with an out-of-hospital delivery. Recipients can be a dispatcher who provides instructions to a caller, a vehicle operator who drives a patient to the hospital, a police officer who provides medical care, or an EMS clinician who delivers a baby.

Thompson was praised for her calm demeanor and her precise, compassionate and appropriate instructions. She “provided not only critical life safety care, but a soft, confident and reassuring voice to the father,” according to the fire department’s statement. “Mom and baby are healthy and recovering.”

If Thompson wins the award, she will join the “stork club” of the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch.

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