Most of us put away the summer clothes months ago, but this weekend might be the time to go digging into the closet.

It will not feel like the dead of winter in Maine this weekend with temps soaring into the 50s for part of the state. Even in Bangor, the temperatures will make a run for the 50-degree mark, well above what you’d typically expect this time of year when we usually experience the coldest air of the season.

The forecast for Saturday will rival a spring day, with temperatures in the low to mid-50s in southern Maine and low to mid-40s for northern and central parts of the state. Downeast will come close to 47 degrees in Calais.

This is a warm spell that occurred last year, and nearly on the same exact day. Last year it was even warmer, with temps in the mid to upper 50s, breaking records in Portland and Bangor.

You can thank high pressure to our south, pumping up a southwesterly breeze heading into the weekend. Typically, these setups don’t give us a huge boost in temps during winter and there won’t be a lot of sun, but it will still feel warm.

The record temps of 58 in Bangor for Saturday is probably out of reach, but I can see a 50-degree report, for sure.  Even 48 or 50 degrees would still be much higher than the typical temperature of 33 on February 17 in Bangor. 

Portland has the best shot at getting close to the record, which was set back in 1981 when the temperature hit 58 degrees.

Typically, high temps for the middle of this month are in the low to mid-30s for southern Maine.

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