Abortion bothers the pro-choice folks so much that they must soothe their language to ease into their anti-human intervention in the lives of unborn babies. “Reproductive autonomy,” as they call it, could refer to a whole range of indeterminate behaviors.

Planned Parenthood is an abortion looking for a place to happen. It is neither planned nor parenthood and conceals abortion behind the unplanned spontaneity of casual pregnancy and the non-parenting that results from their new-name right, reproductive autonomy.

They legislate a “right to choose” cushion of laws to soften and muffle the outcry of abortion. Since Roe, there is no constitutional right to abortion, so let’s give birth to a new right, “reproductive autonomy” and maybe these nasty abortions will go away quietly. It sounds much better to have a late-term episode of reproductive autonomy than an abortion, doesn’t it?

Maine will become a destination for vacating an unwanted fetal inconvenience: Vacationland. The state can’t tell women how many children to have but soon they’ll be able to eliminate as many as they like. A new right to kill defenseless new people is the ultimate in biological censorship and secures freedom at the expense of the miracle of birth.

Who do these people think they are and where do they think they come from? Who gave them special permission to live? Someone did.

Theresa Brinkman

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