Republicans should support immigration bill

To the editor,

It is disgusting that Donald Trump has caused Congress to nix the Immigration Bill. The Republican Megas and others are stopping a bill that after decades of kicking the immigration can down the road has enabled immigration to get worse every year. Here is a Congressional compromise bill and a small group of selfish Republicans are carrying out Trump’s desire to stop anything that will be a plus for Biden so Trump can rant and rave while he uses immigration for his only campaign issue. So on one hand they gripe about Biden doing nothing and the other refusing any effort to make the immigration problems better. There is no logic.

And on top of everything, they are refusing to fund Ukraine. It is horrifically appalling that this small group is causing us to turn our backs on Ukraine’s fight for democracy which is our fight as well.

And the only thing we can do is vote to stop this selfish desire to keep jobs and not upset Trump.

Shame on every Congressional person who nullifies this important bipartisan bill and falls on Trump’s feet.

Nina T. McKee

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