Please support affordable housing on March 5 and vote “yes” on Question 1 on the Cumberland town ballot. Some have voiced objections to the project, fearing higher taxes and more traffic, among other complaints. But almost no one has disputed the need for affordable housing. Shouldn’t housing be the priority? Yes, let’s keep trying to contain taxes and provide better tax credits/assistance, but don’t let aversion to taxes torpedo a worthy cause (especially when, for years, houses got built that brought in families with schoolchildren). As for traffic, have you seen the rush hour every day at the high school just before 3 p.m., when dozens of students get in their cars and drive home? Twenty years ago when my child entered Greely High School, there was nothing on that scale. So, there may be ways to manage the traffic after all. Again, please vote “yes” on March 5.

Richard Wolfe

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