Like many residents, I initially had reservations about the proposed affordable housing project on Drowne Road. Concerns about taxes, schools and traffic were swirling in my mind.

However, I took the initiative to address these concerns head-on. Community meeting recordings and articles in the Town Crier provided reassuring answers. Visiting the site on Drowne Road helped me visualize how the three-story buildings would seamlessly blend into the landscape.

Most importantly, my niece’s words made an impact. She emphasized the need for denser housing to conserve energy and resources, especially in light of climate change and recent extreme weather events. As I envision a sustainable future for my grandchildren, her perspective resonated deeply.

I’ve transformed from a skeptic to a strong supporter of the project. It offers much-needed affordable housing while adhering to responsible development practices. I urge my fellow residents to get informed and join me in advocating for this project.

Eleanor Wright

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