A large gathering observes the eclipse Monday at Westbrook Common. Robert Lowell / American Journal

Megan Renfro, left, and Kim Carignan, both of Westbrook, watch as the moon moves across the sun Monday. Robert Lowell / American Journal

Peter Schnell of Westbrook tries out the sunoculars provided by Walker Memorial Library while Annika Conway looks on. Robert Lowell / American Journal

Viewing the eclipse Monday turned into both a social and learning event for those gathering at Westbrook Common.

A line waited patiently to receive viewing glasses at 3 p.m. at a Walker Memorial Library booth at the common to watch the historic event. The library also provided information about the astronomical  phenomenon.

Some brought their own looking devices. One was an cleverly-made homemade pinhole box constructed of cardboard and masking tape. Several photographed the eclipse holding up a cell phone while peering through protective glasses.

Some families dined on pizzas while many others just sat on benches with friends, children and grandchildren. One couple brought their own beach chairs taking advantage of the warm sun rays on a spring day.

Kate Radke, library program director, strolled through the gathering offering views with sunoculars, specially made binoculars with filtered lenses made for safe viewing.


Westbrook resident Peter Schnell tried the sunoculars. “It was really cool,” Schnell said.








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