Abdi Iftin’s April 23 article, “Stop shouting about deporting us – we’re here to stay,” shares his distress, as a legal immigrant, hearing the word “deport” in a country of “diversity and inclusion.” He considers the word “emotionally draining,” “deeply unsettling,” and he feels “disheartened.” However, in this nation of laws, the call for deportation is directed at illegal, not legal, immigrants.

Since Biden took office, millions of illegal immigrants (1 million is approximately 21 full Yankee Stadiums), including terrorists, gang members, drug smugglers, human traffickers and other criminals from 150-plus countries have crossed the U.S. border. Deportation is justified, but illegals’ own countries don’t want them back, some refusing repatriation. They are ours, receiving food, shelter, education, medical care, prepaid credit cards, etc., on the taxpayer’s dime. The U.S. welcome mat has been trampled because Biden’s Democratic policies stopped border wall construction, rescinded “Remain in Mexico,” and initiated catch and release. Don’t blame Republicans. Biden didn’t need Congress to create this mess, he doesn’t need Congress to fix it.

Iftin continues by saying he is hesitant to attend a pro-Palestinian rally because of possible undue attention, but ironically expresses his views in a regularly published column. His personal situation pales in comparison to the current plight of Jews who hear, “Go back to Poland.” They are harassed, insulted, intimidated and threatened by pro-Palestinian activists. They see placards painted with “Final Solution” and hear chants for Oct. 7 to happen “every day.” If Iftin attends a pro-Palestinian rally, I hope he refrains from such actions and hateful rhetoric.

Summarily, illegal immigration on a scale never seen before gave rise to calls for deportation. Voters in November should muster their resolve, demand mass deportation of illegals, send Democrats responsible for the immigration crisis packing and Biden back to the village that is missing him.

Nancy Chesley

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