Again, lately, the Channel 8 meteorologists were wrong about the weather forecast. In fact, I find they’re wrong around 50% of the time. They glue themselves to a computer screen and tell us their forecast based on what the computer says. Then, they sensationalize any snow storm, wind storm or extreme weather event, causing people to hit the grocery store to store up on goods.

Farmers look at the sky, wind direction and temperature and can predict the weather much more accurately than these college-educated “weathermen.” Lobstermen and commercial fishermen also predict the weather more accurately. People need 75% to 85% accuracy on weather forecasting so they can plan their days accordingly. My advice to the local TV meteorologists would be to get out of the office, take a walk outside, look up at the sky, monitor the wind direction and look at the temperature. One can then feel the current conditions and, with repetition, may get their accuracy percentage increased.

I am not interested in the American model, the European model or their computer-generated forecast. I would believe a farmer, a lobsterman, or a commercial fisherman before I would believe the local TV forecasters. This is probably why I won’t watch them on TV anymore.

Wayne Tanguay

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