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The saga chronicling 50 years of triumph and tragedy among Maine’s Passamaquoddy people is now available as a FREE eBook to all Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram subscribers.

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About 'Unsettled'
quoddyIllustration by Pete Gorski/Staff from rendering by Stephanie Ann Francis.

Staff Writer Colin Woodard spent more than a year researching “Unsettled,” logging thousands of miles and more than 250 hours of interviews with some 70 sources, including past governors of Maine and the reservations, tribal elders, councilors and activists, as well as attorneys, state officials, police officers and academic experts.

Woodard – who is the author of four books, including three works of history – reconstructed events through eyewitness interviews; newspaper archives; the correspondence and departmental records of government, including numerous files that had been previously sealed; state, tribal and federal court records; thousands of pages of tribal, state, and federal documents acquired through public records requests and confidential sources; and decades-old correspondence between attorneys, government officials, and tribal members.​


Behind the photography

Each chapter of “Unsettled” will be accompanied by one photograph that was shot using a pinhole camera, or camera obscura, an early form of photography using a pin-sized hole instead of a lens to capture a moment in time.

The soft-focus images that result from this rudimentary form of documentary photography create an aesthetic that blends modern-day scenes with the Passamaquoddy community’s past.