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Colin Woodard is the Press Herald’s State and National Affairs Writer, and is often at work on large investigative projects. Born in Waterville and raised in western Maine, he was a foreign correspondent for two decades, reported from more than fifty countries on all seven continents, and witnessed the collapse of communism and its bloody aftermath in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. He’s written five books, including histories of Maine (The Lobster Coast), North America’s rival regional cultures (American Nations) and the Golden Age Pirates (Republic of Pirates), which was turned into a quickly forgotten NBC mini-series starring John Malkovich as Blackbeard. Since joining the Press Herald in 2012, he’s won a George Polk Award and was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting. He used to be an avid sailor and SCUBA diver, but with small kids at home, his hobbies now include sleeping and picking up toys.

  • Published
    June 1, 2012

    Some prominent names among those who gave to candidates

    Campaign disclosures released Thursday by candidates for the U.S. Senate and House show donations by prominent Mainers in business, politics and the arts. All candidates for federal office in Maine’s June 12 primary elections were required to file disclosures by the end of Thursday, but many candidates’ full returns had not been posted to the […]

  • Published
    May 31, 2012

    Collins takes a call, panel takes two votes

    Two items that the senator opposes are endorsed 13-12 in action occurring while she was out of the room.

  • Published
    May 27, 2012

    East-West Highway: savior or albatross?

    Environmental concerns aside, whether the $2 billion project is economically feasible or not could depend on how consultants look at it.

  • Published
    May 23, 2012

    2012 Election: King gift to Obama draws fire from rivals

    The independent donated to Democrats before he became a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

  • Published
    May 22, 2012

    Maine AG stays out of campaign-finance case

    He won’t join with 22 states seeking to limit the impact of the Citizens United court decision in a Montana case.

  • Published
    May 20, 2012

    Malaga Island: A century of shame

    Analysis: A new exhibit at the Maine State Museum tells the story of the eviction of Malaga Island’s residents, one of the state’s most disgraceful official acts ever.

  • Published
    May 19, 2012

    Campaign backers spending in Maine

    Financial disclosures by the 12 candidates for an open U.S. Senate seat let voters follow the money.