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Mt. Ararat
73 Eagle's Way, Topsham |

Graduation day: June 9, 2013
at Mt. Ararat

Graduation information provided by the high school
    Top 10 Seniors

    Adeline Schneider
    Parents: Holly Hogan and Kurt Schneider
    Lives in town of Bowdoinham
    Attended Nobleboro Central School
    School Activities: National Honor Society, Envirothon, Interact, Cross-country, Nordic Skiing, Track
    Academic Honors: ENational Merit Scholar, AP Scholar, Excellence in US History 2012, Excellence in Mathematics 2012, Excellence in English 2011
    College you will attend in the fall: University of Maine
    Future Plans: Engineering
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mr. Leonard Krill

    Kristen Haines
    Parents: Jennifer and Mark Haines
    Lives in town of Topsham
    Attended Williams-Cone Elementary School
    School Activities: Interact Club (President), National Honor Society 2013, Student Council, Art Club
    Academic Honors:Mt. Ararat High Honor Roll 2011-2012, National Merit Scholarship Candidate, Freshman Excellence in German, Sophomore Excellence in Advanced English II, Junior Excellence in AP Language and Composition, Junior Excellence in Advanced Pre-Calculus, Junior Excellence in Academic Chemistry, Junior Excellence in Art in Society
    College you will attend in the fall: Hampshire College
    Future Plans: I intend to pursue the social sciences at Hampshire, then further my research in Sociology and Cultural and Human Studies, either through a graduate program or as a part of a research institutiong
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mr. Dennis Edmondson

    Ryan Smith
    Parents: Kim and Dan Smith
    Lives in town of Tophsam
    Attended Woodside Elementary School
    School Activities: Football, Indoor-Outdoor Track, Lacrosse, Science Olympiad, Math team, National Honor Society, Science Fair, Boys State
    Academic Honors: High Honors, Excellence in Mathematics (2009 and 2011), Excellence in Science 2009, Excellence in Physical Education I 2009, Excellence in Physical Education II 2010, Dartmouth Alumni club Book Award 2012
    College you will attend in the fall: Boston University
    Future Plans: Attend the School of Management and the Kilachard Honors College at Boston University
    Teachers who had a strong influence: Mr. Stewart Palmer

    Brennan Radulski
    Parents: Tom Radulski
    Lives in town of Bowdoinham
    Attended Williams-Cone Elementary School
    School Activities: Cross-Country, Outdoor Track, Art Club, Wind Ensemble, National Honor Society
    Academic Honors: Excellence in Physical Education, Excellence in Art, Selection for District III Music in 2009 and 2011
    College you will attend in the fall: I hope to attend Macalester or Bates
    Future Plans: I’m unsure of what will happen, but I hope that it will be exciting.
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mrs. Courtney Reichert, Mrs. Janet Galle, Mr. Jeff Trippe, Ms. Diane Fournier

    Eloise Melcher
    Parents: Carolyn and Kurt Melcher
    Lives in town of Bowdoin
    Attended Bowdoin Central Elementary School
    School Activities: Student Council, PALS, Big Brother-Big Sisters, National Honor Society, Writing Center Tutor, Interact, Nordic Ski Team, Science Olympiad, Girls’ State, Senior class President, MTA representative for the CREA Board
    Academic Honors: Wellesley Book Award, Pejepscot Historical Society, Excellence in AP US History, Excellence in AOP European History, Excellence in Advanced English II, Excellence in Spanish III, Excellence in English I, WCSH 6 Teens Who Care, DAR Good Citizen Award
    College you will attend in the fall: Colby College or University of Maine
    Future Plans: Major in history
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mr. Leonard Krill, Mr. John Dever

    Elsie Morgan
    Parents: Lydia Jordan and Herman Morgan
    Lives in town of Bowdoin
    Attended Bowdoin Central Elementary School
    School Activities: Cross-country, Outdoor Track and Field, Science Olympiad, Math Team, Writing Center Tutor, Wind Ensemble, National Honor Society
    Academic Honors: 9th grade Excellence in Math and Social Studies, 10gr Excellence in Math and Health, 11th Williams College Book Award, Trig star local winner, Excellence in German, 2nd place Science Olympiad Anatomy & Physiology, 2nd place Science Olympiad Technical Problem Solving, 2012 Girls State Representative
    College you will attend in the fall: University of Rhode Island
    Future Plans: I plan to become a Pharmacist
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Ms. Donna Dionne, Chemistry teacher

    Marti Crippen
    Parents: Stephanie Burns and Andrew Crippen
    Lives in town of Topsham
    Attended Williams-Cone Elementary School
    School Activities: Varsity Tennis, PALS, Interact, SLAC, Math Team, Spanish tutoring
    Academic Honors: Freshman Spanish award, Student of the Month nominee
    College you will attend in the fall: University of New England
    Future Plans: Major in Elementary Education and minor in Latin American Studies. Planning to be a K-2 teacher
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mrs. Jeanne Billings, Mrs. Candace Myers

    Alex Denis
    Parents: Amy and Jean Denis
    Lives in town of Tophsam
    Attended Woodside Elementary School
    School Activities: Math Team, ITeam, Writing Center Tutor, National Honor Society
    Academic Honors: Awarded math awards for achieving an “A” average all year, grades 10 and 11, nominated to US Air Force Academy by Senator Snowe
    College you will attend in the fall: Florida Institute of Technology Future Plans: To become an Aeronautical Engineer and eventually start my own business designing aircraft and high performance cars.
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mr. Anagnostis

    Caroline Carrigan
    Parent: Sondra and Charles Carrigan
    Lives in town of Topsham
    Attended Williams-Cone Elementary School
    School Activities: : Class Officer, Student Senate, Science Olympiad, PALS, Aquila, Science Fair, Girls Soccer, Girls Softball
    Academic Honors: High Honors Student, Awarded “Outstanding Achievement in Health Education”, Awarded “Overall Science student of the Year”
    College you will attend in the fall: Southern Maine Community College Future Plans: I plan to transfer to the University of Maine and graduate with a major in Environmental Science
    Teachers who had a strong influence: Mrs. Rebecca Williams, Mr. Mike Cooney

    Elizabeth Snowdon
    Parents: Brenda and Donald Snowdon
    Lives in town of Topsham
    Attended Williams-Cone Elementary School
    School Activities: Aquila (member 10th grade, Editor-11-12th grade), Art Club 9-12, Math Team 11-12th, National Honor Society 11th grade, NHS Secretary 12th grade, Yearbook – Wordsmith 12th grade
    Academic Honors: Excellence in English (9th & 11th), Excellence in Social Studies-(9th), Excellence in Art (9th & 10th), Excellence in French (10th), AP Scholar with Honors
    College you will attend in the fall: Bowdoin College with an intended major in English and a minor in French or Visual Arts. Future Plans: To write words that empower. To create art that inspires. To share my passions and gifts freely.
    Teacher who had a strong influence: Mr. Zachary Fields, Mr. Stewart Palmer, Mrs. Janet Galle

    2013 Scholarships and Awards

    Big Brothers/Big Sisters Recognitions
    Charlotte Crosby, Courtney Day, Ben Foley, Abby Kellett, Eloise Melcher, Hannah Moutal, Lizzie O’Neal, Travis Radcliffe, Tracey Tran, Maggie Wessel, Brian Johnson
    Bowdoinham Community School Scholarship - Sam Ashouwak
    Brunswick Rotary Scholarship- Pann Nwe
    Early College for ME - Keely Clark, Sam Coombs, Kelsey Kramer, Martin Goglino, Brandon Wyatt
    Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy - Katelyn Beedy
    Harpswell Island School Scholarship - Max Johnstone, Alex Sharpe, Nathaniel Santeramo
    Kings Daughters of Harpswell Award - Anne McIntire
    Midcoast Retired Educators Association Scholarship - Marti Crippen
    Ben Crehore Scholarship - Ryan Moody
    United Lodge #8 Masonic Grant - Caroline Carrigan
    Stan Kenison Award - Audrey Burns
    Midcoast Hospital Auxilliary Herbert Paris Scholarship - Allison Stimpson, Chelsea Crawford, Hannah Moutal, Tracy Tran, Anna Taglieri
    Mitchell Scholarship- Elizabeth Snowdon
    Reny’s Scholarship- Elisabeth Swanholm, Allen Leech, Ryan Smith
    Village Lodge #26 Len Bishop Scholarship - Caroline Carrigan
    United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award - Jacob Liedman, Elsie Morgan
    United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award - Will Hirnak, Taylor Pare
    United States Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award - Eloise Melcher, Dan Porter
    George Millay Memorial Award - Lucas Letourneau, Panisara Pichiensopon
    Jobs for Maine’s Graduates Senior Awards - Keely Clark, Kathryn Groh
    Merrymeeting Teachers Association Scholarship - Emily Eldridge
    Phoenix Award - Stephen Fischer, Emily Colby
    National Honor Society Scholarship Award - Sydney Clark
    Exchange Student and Chinese Teacher Recognition - Juan Wang, Panisara Pichiensopon, Parit Chancherngpanich, Lukas Frenzel, Miku Kimura, Elana Rashitova
    Brant Williams Scholarship - Alex Sharpe, John Dietlin
    Grand Lodge Scholarship - Eric Farnsworth
    Laptop Computer Awards - Elizabeth Snowden, Nicholas Fournier, Sam Ashouwak
    MELMAC Principals Award - Anna Taglieri
    Maine Principals Association Award - Brian Johnson
    National Merit Scholarship Program - Adeline Schneider
    National Association of Secondary School Principals Award - Charlotte Crosby
    The Bank of Maine Charitable Foundation Scholarship - Julia Macdonald
    The University of Maine Certificate of Scholarship - Craig
    Academy Mentor Recognitions - Mallory Nelson, Kristi Willey, Sydney Clark, Emily Eldridge, Hannah Moutal, Anna Taglieri
    Excellence in Advanced Pre-Calculus- Panisara Pichiensopon
    Excellence in AP Statistics- Marti Crippen
    Excellence in AP BC Calculus- Lucas LeTourneau
    Social Studies
    The Richard Snow Excellence in Government Award- Sarah Sandlin
    The Kenneth Neale Excellence in Social Studies Award-Adeline Schneider
    The Doug Rollins Excellence in History Award- Eloise Melcher
    Health and Physical Education
    Outstanding Achievement in Independent Living- Michaela Mitchell
    Excellence in Physical Education- Marley Dutton
    Excellence in Instrumental Music- Eli Bush
    Barbara Franklin Excellence in Choral Music- Audrey Burns
    Louis Armstrong Jazz Award- Nicholas Beaudoin
    Steven Sylvester Award for Excellence in Theater Arts-Caleb Streadwick
    Visual Arts
    Rhode Island School of Design Book Award- Elizabeth Snowden
    Kennebec Art Award- Keith Becker, Kelsey Kramer
    MTA Visual Arts Awards- Andy Nguyen, Caleb Streadwick, Jordana Joy
    Outstanding Achievement in Art and Society- Sydney Clark
    Excellence in Academic Physics- Elsie Morgan, Kristen Haines
    Excellence in AP Biology- Brennan Radulski
    World Languages
    Excellence in Spanish- Marti Crippen
    Most Improved in Spanish- Ben Foley
    Excellence in German- Nick Fournier
    Excellence in French- Sydney Clark
    Excellence in Chinese- Pann Nwe
    Excellence in English- Ryan Smith, Adeline Schneider, Kristen Haines
    Marjorie Johnson Award for Excellence in Writing- Elizabeth Snowden

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2013 graduates

* - Honors
** - High Honors

Chantelle Dawn Alexander
**Breanne Emily Allen
Nicholas Monroe Alvarado
*Ryan C. Ashey
Samuel Toien Ashouwak
Nathaniel Bacak
*Nicholas Edward Beaudoin
*Keith Edward-Wilson Becker
Katelyn Marie Beedy
Samantha Erin Belanger
Elizabeth Ann Jean Bergeron
Scott A. Billington
Larissa Ann Blair
Kayla Charity Bobalek
*Eric C. Bowie
Claire E. Briggs
*Savannah Ashley Bronk
Emma Kay Brown
Zachary J. Brownlee
Hannah Alyssa Bryan
*Colton Raymond Burne
**Audrey Holland Burns
Joseph A. Burr
**Eli Harrison Bush
**Caroline June Carrigan
*Ella Amelia Carter
*Daniel Catlin
*Trent Dylan Charnock
**Morgan Suzanne Chase
*Keely Etta Clark
**Sydni Alexis Clark
Kyle Stephen Clay
Emily D. Colby
Bailey L. Collins
Sam Thomas Coombs
*Chelsea Lorraine Crawford
**Marti E. Crippen
**Charlotte Elizabeth Crosby
Garrett S. Crowley
Brittany K. Cunningham
Courtney Lynn Day
**Alex J. Denis
*John A. Dietlin
Russell Daniel Dolan
*Reid M. Drouin
**Emily Dunn
Marley D. Dutton
Marissa Dwinal
**Emily McKenna Eldridge
Emily Marie Emerson
*Sarah Mae Emerson
Ryan S. Emmons
Courtney Lilla Ernst
Cameron N. Estrella
*Daniel Robert Ewing
*Eric Joseph Farnsworth
Steven Ray Fisher Jr
Benjamin M. Foley
Lillian Clara Fortin
*Nicholas Jon Fournier
*Kathleen Jeanne Gerencer
Katelyn T. Gibson
Morgan Rayne Gilchrist
Royce Andrew Gilliam II
*Jamey A. Glynn
*Martin Goglino Cantarini
Cody D. Gonyea
Gary Thomas Goodwin
Zachariah Austin Cooper Gray
Z. Tyler Greene
Kathryn E. Groh
Felipe Brendell Araujo Günter
**Kristen M. Haines
Kendall J. Hester
*Will M. Hirnak
Aaron E. Hollingshead
Adam Scott Holman
Luther Barnett Howes
**Haley Caitlin Huston
Zachery Ryan Jacques
Brenden Jasper
**Brian Reynolds Johnson
**Maxwell Stuart Johnstone
**Jordana P. Joy
Abby Lee Kellett
*Jacob T. Kenney
Hannah Mary Kincaid
Kelsey E. Kramer
Alex Paul Lapierre
*Ryan Michael Lathrop
Allan R. Leech
Hannah M. Leeman
**Lucas J. LeTourneau
*Asia I. Lewis
Nikos Ley-Simmons
*Jacob Hays Liedman
Darren A. Lilly
Miranda Lucille Lynch
*Julia E. MacDonald
**Savannah R. MacLean-Coffin
*Jacquelyn A. McCourt
**James Michael McCracken
**Edward P. McGuire II
*Anne E. McIntire
Katelyn Ann McLaughlin
Lauren Virginia McNett
**Eloise Catherine Melcher
*Samantha S. Menair
*Sara Dae Meybodi
Dylan James Michaud
Blane H. Miller IV
*Micaela Marie Mitchell
Zachary G. Mitchell
Haley Louise Moody
*Ryan Moody
**Elsie Mae Morgan
Brandon James Morrell
**Hannah Burns Moutal
**Mallory Ann Nelson
Andy Tin Thanh Nguyen
Kevin J. Nolan
Aaron J. Nordwall
*Tyler M. Norko
Jonathan T. Novak
**Pann Htet Nwe
Zachary Robert O'Connor
*Elizabeth Jenna O'Neal
*Celia Hope Ouellette
**Taylor Brea Pare
*Morgan Nicole Parr
*Bethany Maria Pelletier
*Gabriel Joseph Pelletier
Dillan Philpot
Krista Ann Pierce
Chad P. Pine
Daniel Porter
*Maddison Layne Prescott
*Benjamin J. Proctor
*Daniel Richard Purinton
Travis Anthony Radcliffe
**Brennan Grace Radulski
Christopher P. Reid
**Sonja Elizabeth Robert
Tyler H. Roberts
Taylor Megan Rogers
Rachel Routhier
Courtney Lynn Sampsel
**Sarah Hanson Sandlin
*Nathaniel Santeramo
**Adeline Mae Hogan Schneider
Samantha Dee Schrader
*Michaela Elizabeth Shanholtz
*Alex Michael Sharpe
Jacob Sharples
*Sean-Marie Sloan
**Ryan J. Smith
**Elizabeth Mae Snowdon
Dylan St. Amour
Patrick C. Stanley
*Allison Paige Stimpson
*Caleb Aaron Streadwick
**Eric J. Stuckey
Elisabeth Swanholm
*Anna Marie Taglieri
*Drew R. Tanguay
Derrick D. Tisdale
Evan Tome
*Jason M. Tome
**Tracey Ann Tran
*Carolyn V. Vachon
Benjamin Holloway Volk
J. Gregory Wallace
Alex Julia Walter
Michael Werler
*Maggie May Wessel
*Kristina Lynn Willey
Caitlin M. Williams
Jarrod A. Williams
Brandon C. Wyatt
Joel Michael York
*Hannah Grace Zimmerman