Question 3 isn’t about firearm violence in Maine, as we have little of it. It’s about gun crime in Massachusetts, specifically Boston and surrounding areas, where the drug trade runs rampant, gang members kill each other and innocent victims get caught in the crossfire.

How about a new revolutionary approach? Enforce the existing laws. There are plenty of them.

Federal law prohibits the sale or transfer of firearms from nonlicensed Mainers to nonresidents, and also prohibits any Mainer from selling or transferring a firearm to a person prohibited from owning one.

You can spend up to 10 years in federal lockup if you get convicted of either act, but for some reason, violations of these laws are rarely prosecuted by the feds.

Criminals don’t buy guns legally – they steal them or get them on the black market.

Tell Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun crowd to stay out of Maine. Vote “no” on Question 3!

Peter Collin