As residents and stakeholders in Cape Elizabeth’s past, present and future, we believe it’s important that our elected officials have the proper level of experience, insight and perspective required to keep this a special place. Respect for all who live here, while balancing the needs and wants of today with the past and future legacy of the town and its founders is critical.
Jim Walsh has been a friend, parent and neighbor in town for over 20 years. Jim has the benefit of unique experience and perspective. He is a seasoned executive, compassionate volunteer and proven entrepreneur who manages by fact and can be trusted to do the right thing. He is the kind of friend who would provide unconditional support if and when you really needed it.
Sustaining the character and charm of Cape Elizabeth for all residents is of paramount importance. Acting with complete honesty, integrity and transparency are essential elements of town leadership. The challenges and tribulations we will face locally, regionally and nationally demand that our town officials represent everyone’s interest consistently and fairly.
Do the right thing. Vote Jim Walsh for Town Council.

Chris and Ellen Scontras
Cape Elizabeth

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