We are disappointed in your newspaper’s endorsement of Pat McGowan. We can expect to see many of the same faces filling Cabinet posts and other jobs if McGowan gets elected governor, and Maine will have missed an opportunity to implement the kinds of changes we all know our state needs.

The Sunday Telegram should have rejected the status quo and looked to the future by embracing the only Democrat in the race who isn’t tied to the failed politics of the past, Rosa Scarcelli.

Rosa is a new breed of candidate, and as even you acknowledged, she is the most impressive. She has never held elective office, but I see that as her strength. And as anyone who watched the recent candidate debates would know, Rosa more than held her own against the career candidates who shared the stage with her.

Rosa will breathe new life into state government. She’ll attract only qualified, accomplished people to her Cabinet — not political cronies — who will bring new ideas and new energy to our state. Rosa is what we need right now, and I hope Democrats will vote for her on June 8.

Peter Then



I’m excited for June 8! I have the privilege of voting for Matt Jacobson. I have this privilege because Matt, along with countless others, has served our country to preserve our freedom. As we marked Memorial Day weekend, let’s now pledge that we will exercise the right for which so many have made the ultimate sacrifice.

That said, there is something more that makes Matt the man for me. He is smart. Not just “calculate the vector” smart, but “let’s address the root of the problem and build a framework to fix it” smart.

He makes me believe in him. This may be the most important aspect of Matt — his ability to inspire.

I’ve heard him speak publicly. Every time I hear him, I feel rejuvenated that there is hope, that there is a way for Maine to charge into the 21st century, and that he is the man with the leadership who can see this mission through.

He is electable. He has been the CEO of Maine & Company, whose sole responsibility is to bring jobs to Maine. He knows the barriers to entry and can address them to help make Maine the place to live and work.

James Kachmar



As a former county commissioner from Oxford County and employee of Sunday River Ski Resort and American Skiing Co., I truly believe that the vision and plan that Les Otten has for the state of Maine is exactly what the state needs.

In the 17 years that I have known Les Otten, he has always believed in the state and the potential for its residents, as well as the ability for Maine be a leader as opposed to a laggard.

My departure from Maine as a full-time resident was precipitated by the exact things that Les is looking to correct: the lack of job opportunities and an unreasonable cost of living.

There is another side to Mr. Otten that most people are not familiar with. During a most trying period in my 20s, my wife and I were faced with a horrible personal situation. During that time, Les truly showed his belief and compassion for me and my family as individuals, lending emotional support in any way possible. This compassion and concern is something that he shares for each and every individual in the state.

In an era when compassion and character are paramount with our public officials, Les is a leader. He truly cares about the residents of the state and their well-being.


His jobs plan and his true compassion and caring for individuals make Les the right person at the right time for Maine. I encourage each and every resident of the state of Maine to go out and support Les Otten for governor.

He is a man who not only can execute his vision, but will include all of you in the long-held principles of the United States: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Jeffrey R. Fagan

Windermere, Fla.

Difficult times strain reason and, as now, extremists on both sides offer misguided solutions. And there are the “throw the bums out” prostrations as ultraconservatives and ultraliberals look to polarize every issue.

Maine does not need ideological huffing and puffing and often rejects it. It needs someone who has the knowledge and ability to bring all sides to the table. As a former state legislator, I soon learned in Augusta the person who knew the most about the most things was Peter Mills.


He was and is the smartest guy in the room, and in an unassuming manner — a leader without the hubris. Moreover, he was not an ideologue and could bring Republicans, Democrats and diverse interest groups together to get things done.

Maine does not have the luxury of electing a new governor who requires on-the-job training. There is only one candidate running in the GOP gubernatorial primary who can hit the ground running as governor to lead Maine out of these trying times.

Discontent with politicians lies in the endless partisanship of winning and looking at the next election instead of doing the right thing and working together to get the people’s business done.

Maine has the chance to elect an outstanding individual with a proven record and qualities to get things accomplished. The time has come for Peter Mills.

If you are a registered Republican and you want a victory in November, there is no better candidate who can bring independents and others into play in the general election. Ask the Democrats who they would least like to run against and I suspect most would likely say Peter Mills.

I urge you to get out and vote June 8 and get others to vote for Peter Mills, a respected leader with experience, vision, knowledge and problem-solving abilities that Maine desperately needs now.


Robert Fisk Jr.


There’s an underground rumble of support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage, and it’s turning into a roar as we approach the primaries on June 8.

His candidacy is like an earthquake, but one that promises a positive shake-up that will bring fiscal sanity to Maine and an energized, ethical man to Augusta.

For those who don’t yet know why he’s the strongest candidate available, here are a few basic facts:

He is the mayor of Waterville, the only Maine city to have its taxes reduced without loss of services; general manager of Marden’s; and he has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Husson and an MBA from the University of Maine.


His honors include being an inductee to Husson’s Business Hall of Fame, and he was named 2006 Businessman of the Year by the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce.

Experience, education, honors. But they don’t tell the whole story. He’s also an American success story — a boy who at 11 left a dysfunctional family in Lewiston and lived on the streets until given help and guidance by others who recognized his talent and drive.

He’s lived the American dream, and those who have met him feel the energy, the passion, the strength of this remarkable man. I urge you to look at his website (www.LePage2010.com) to give him support in the primary so he can shake up the general election in November and make sure the best candidate gets into office.

You’ll be glad you voted for Paul LePage.

Barbara Sosman



Higher education has become a necessity in our children’s lives. Less than a generation ago, this wasn’t the case. Not only that, but a student could attend school while working at the same time, and graduate with a relatively low amount of debt — if any.

Sadly, those days are gone.

There needs to be a more affordable way for our youth to attend school. The University of Maine System is a wonderful asset, but tuition costs continue to rise while programs are constantly talked about being on the chopping block, decreasing the value of the education the students are paying more to receive.

That’s why I have been pleased to hear Democratic gubernatorial candidate Pat McGowan declare that he will increase funding to the University of Maine System in every budget he submits to the Legislature. This will increase quality while decreasing tuition — a complete 180 from the path the system’s students are faced with now.

This will be a big help to those like my son, a UMaine student, and me, as we struggle to pay this necessary bill each semester.

The most logical investment that we can make as a state is in our youth. Pat McGowan understands that and has already committed to it.


He has earned my vote and I hope you will join me in supporting him for the Democratic nomination for governor on June 8.

Suellen Goodman


As a city councilor and former mayor in South Portland, I am looking for a governor who knows how to get things done in state government, and who understands the impacts that policies in Augusta have on local communities.

That’s why I am supporting Libby Mitchell for governor in the June 8 Democratic primary.

Mitchell not only is the Senate president, former speaker of the House and director of the Maine State Housing Authority, she was a selectwoman in Vassalboro for nine years. Of the candidates in this race, she has a unique understanding of how local government works and the challenges municipal leaders face.


Mitchell has a deep commitment to our K-12 public schools and higher education. She supports innovative programs like Jobs for Maine Graduates, and understands that we must increase opportunities for higher education, particularly in areas that are essential to growing industries in Maine, such as tourism and energy.

But beyond all else, she does not just have good ideas — she has the ability to make them happen. She brings people together to get the job done.

That’s the kind of leadership I like, and that’s the kind of governor we need. On June 8, please vote for Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell.

Jim Hughes

South Portland

Assurance of a continuing supply of bright, well-educated young people is as much a part of bringing “green” jobs to Maine as tax incentives.


So is the ongoing fight against the forces which threaten to degrade the quality of our air, water, forests and wildlife. These make Maine an increasingly desirable state in which to live, raise a family, or relocate a business.

Steve Rowe’s inspiring work as Maine attorney general has demonstrated his willingness to carry the fight against polluters to the Supreme Court.

And, like Sheriff Mark Dion, Steve “gets it” that we must also invest in early childhood education as a proven strategy to prevent later costly school dropouts and increased crime.

In a letter, the sheriff cites alarming conclusions from a report by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids — high school dropouts are nearly four times more likely to be arrested, and eight times more likely to be incarcerated than graduating peers.

Pre-kindergarten programs which support young children improve their odds of staying on track educationally and developmentally.

Steve’s school nurse practitioner wife, Amanda, has likewise been a champion of preventing student pregnancies, which often limit education and possibilities of a successful and productive (taxpaying) career.


Our next governor must be fiercely committed to the long view that investing in prevention of social, medical and environmental problems is cost-effective and “the right thing to do.”

Dr. James H. Maier



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