The eight groups that want to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in southern Maine expect to sell more than $1 million worth of the drug in the first full year of operation.

Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services plans to announce Friday who will operate the state’s first licensed dispensaries. State law allows for as many as eight spread across the state, including one each in York and Cumberland counties.

Overall, the state received 27 complete applications.

Copies of the applications were opened for an initial inspection by Maine media today.

The groups vying for a license in southern Maine say they would charge between $200 and $400 an ounce for the medication.

The applicants said they would start operations within several months to allow time to grow the plants. Most would provide education about the medication to patients, as well as services such as massage and acupuncture.

Potential sites for the dispensaries include several spots in downtown Portland, and a couple of properties in Sanford.