I must correct Edgar Allen Beem’s mistake regarding his comment “Just imagine Mt. Desert Island if Rockefeller hadn’t created Acadia National Park.” According to the National Park Service, Acadia National Park was the vision of Charles W. Eliot and George B. Dorr. Eliot formed a public land trust in 1910 to protect Mt. Desert Island from development. Dorr, the trust’s first director, was instrumental in getting the National Park status established. The park was first named Lafayette National Park and later changed to Acadia in 1929. John D. Rockefeller Jr. donated 10,000 acres and financed and engineered the carriage road system throughout the park. He certainly added to Acadia’s beauty, but he did not create Acadia as a National Park.

As far as Beem’s comments about Gov. LePage and his “drinking buddies,” I am surprised that he has not yet embraced President Obama’s call for more civil rhetoric. Wasn’t that Mr. Beem’s subject in an earlier opinion piece?

Lin White