It is with great sadness that I read your editorial saying that the PUC made the right decision in granting the merger for First Wind (“PUC made right call in wind power investment,” April 15).

If First Wind were a financially viable company, it would not have to be seeking more funding. It has eaten up our tax dollars for years in an industry which has nothing to do with helping us get off fossil fuel or solve environmental problems; some scientists believe these industrial machines will make certain species extinct, including the eagle and already endangered bats.

The environmental balance can be upset by more than CO2 emissions. Oh, and by the way, has anyone measured the CO2 emissions released in the manufacture of these things in China and then their journey to us? Seventy percent of the jobs in this sector are over there.

The PUC overstepped its duties, which are to protect the consumer from overly inflated utility charges, Wind power in no way does that, and is backed up by other forms of fuel since it is not reliable on its own.

Where do you get the idea that natural gas will go up in price and use that argument to justify expensive wind-power production?

A few weeks ago the PUC staff was against this merger. Did the corruption that started with Gov. Baldacci’s expedited wind law in 2008 and has continued with the Department of Environmental Protection and Board of Environmental Protection permits for wind (in wildlife areas where these agencies are not doing their jobs to protect Maine’s environment) leak into the PUC as well?


Everyone acts like wind is problem-free. In 2008, the National Institutes of Health acknowledged that animals can develop heart disease and cancer from low-frequency noise. Wind turbines (which are a source of low-frequency noise) are not harmless and will not get us off fossil fuel,

Your editorial sounded like propaganda from the wind companies instead of researched facts.

Donna Sewall Davidge is a resident of Island Falls.


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