Parents worry about their children, and I am no different. As a mom, and executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter, I still worry, even though my son is college.

PSR Maine believes the current ban on bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles and sippy cups does not go far enough to protect the health of Maine’s children. We are working with the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine to strengthen the rule by banning BPA in toddler’s food and infant formula containers.

The alliance had 10 jars of well-known, popular brands of baby food from Maine retailers tested for BPA. Each of the five brands represented were found to have detectable levels of BPA, which had leached into the food from the lids of the jars.

We are concerned about the health of Maine’s children. Independent, scientific studies continue to show connections between BPA and learning disabilities, cancers, reproductive disorders, and now are even showing a connection to obesity.

PSR Maine supports this important rule change to remove BPA from all children’s food packaging. The Maine Board of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing on the rule change on Sept. 6 in Augusta.

Karen A. D’Andrea, executive director
Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter

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