PORTLAND – Idexx Laboratories President and CEO Jonathan Ayers touted the company’s latest initiatives in diagnosing pets’ health Friday, the day after the company’s stock closed at a record high of $98.77.

In some ways, Idexx has put diagnostics for pet health ahead of the human health field, said Ayers, speaking at Eggs & Issues, a monthly event held by the Portland Community Chamber at the Holiday Inn by the Bay.

Using Idexx’s products, a veterinarian can analyze a pet’s blood sample within the time of an appointment, which allows the pet’s owner to discuss the results with the doctor before leaving.

Another product compares the results of a blood test to others taken over the animal’s lifetime, which can indicate trends that act as warning signs before there’s a detectable problem.

Like a company’s annual revenue, Ayers said, the significance of blood test results for a pet — or a human — is in comparing it to past results.

Under Ayers’ leadership, Idexx’s annual revenues have grown from $386 million to $1.2 billion, said Michael Bourque, president of the chamber’s board.

Taking measurements, whether they are of financial or physical health, informs us how to manage situations, Ayers said.

“Can you imagine if you managed your body like you manage your business?” he said.

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