The twittersphere (interwebs? blog-o-tubes?) is all aflutter with the news that an extended trailer of the upcoming “Star Trek: Into Darkness” movie will be shown before Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (which is causing its own share of fluttering).

To gauge what effect this news is having on the “Star Trek” geek on the street, I reached out, via that kooky Internet, to some of Portland’s most accomplished nerds. (Don’t worry — it’s a compliment.)

First up, gentlemen — do you consider yourselves Trekkers? Trekkies?

Boo Leavitt (local rock god [Covered in Bees]): “I’m a proud Trekkie.”

Zack Handlen (writer at the AV Club; has reviewed literally every episode of both the original series and “The Next Generation”): “None of the above. I just like ‘Star Trek.’ “

Samuel James (Portland blues legend and movie smartypants at Videoport): “Trekko, please.”

Are you going to see “The Hobbit,” and, if so, is the trailer part of the reason why?

Tristan Gallagher (of Coast City Comics and the Fun Box Monster Emporium): “I’m going to ‘The Hobbit’ and I’m psyched to see the trailer, but I’d go no matter what.”

Boo: “I will not be seeing ‘The Hobbit’ just to see the ‘Star Trek’ preview. It will be online shortly after it hits theaters, and at home, I don’t have to wear pants and snacks are cheap.”

Zack: “I’m going to see ‘The Hobbit’ with my dad. I didn’t even know there’d be a preview until I got this questionnaire.”

Sam: “Yes. It was zero, but now that I know, I would say 4 percent.”

What are your thoughts on the “Star Trek” re-boot in general?

The Fuge Ouellette (comedian and with Leavitt, part of The Geek Chorus, which makes fun of bad movies): “It was nice to see Enterprise kick ass. I always hated the wussy little laser beam line. Laser bullets are much cooler. I like my sci-fi FUN! I don’t care if it’s not scientifically correct.”

Sam: “I like it. Somehow, it’s good for nerds and non-nerds alike.”

Tristan: “I loved the first reboot. You can’t recreate the original, so they didn’t try.”

Zack: “Great cast, neat look (apart from the lens flares), mediocre script that really needed some tightening/focus/other drafts. Lots of fun flash, but the story’s a mess, and a lot of the humor falls flat.”

What are your expectations for “Star Trek: Into Darkness”?

Sam: “I think that the only real problem J.J. Abrams has as a filmmaker is that he doesn’t really know how to end his stories, but since this is a franchise, I foresee no problems.”

Boo: “If the new film is half as good as the first film (I cried tears of joy three times while watching the first one), I will be VERY happy. The ‘Star Trek’ universe that they have created is wonderful; if the filmmakers are allowed to maintain the Roddenberry-ness, I can’t see how this film will be anything less than magical.”

Tristan: “It will be slick and explodey. I’m psyched. Also, it looks fun, so I know a lot of Trekkies are going to hate it.”

Zack: “I look forward to seeing the ensemble from the last film again, and I’m hoping the script is sharper. Also, it’d be nice if we could get some cool aliens. Maybe a Gorn?”

Dennis Perkins is a Portland freelance writer.