I am writing this in response to Edgar Allen Beem’s most recent column, “It’s time to tax guns, ammo.” Mr. Beem’s diatribe proves that he has lost all common sense and confirms that he is in the group of people that have no clue as to what they are speaking about when it comes to the recent gun debate. His opinion on gun-related matters makes joining the National Rifle Association a viable option for many gun owners that may have considered that organization’s policies too rigid in its approach to gun laws.

It would be in Mr. Beem’s best interest to at least educate himself on a topic before commenting and providing an inaccurate opinion. He should know that there is already an existing tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition. The Pittman-Robertson Act enacted in 1937 and named for the two senators who sponsored it provides states with funds to manage wildlife, conduct research projects and provide hunter education courses. A great example of the use of these funds is the successful reintroduction of the wild turkey to Maine.

True gun control will only come through the successful enforcement of the current laws we have and the strengthening of thorough background checks for all gun sales to keep guns out of the hands criminals and the mentally ill who wish to do others harm.

Chuck Fagone