Lance Dutson (“Maine Voices: Shifting stance on immigration will bear fruit for conservatives,” Feb. 12) offers totally the wrong solution to immigration if the problem to be solved is improving the welfare of American workers.  

He offers great solutions for businesses that don’t want to pay a fair wage:

Bring in masses of low-wage labor, skilled and unskilled, to compete with our citizens, and make it all legal so that the government won’t interfere.

That way, the business owners can rake in obscene profits at the expense of the taxpayers and laborers.

He writes how great this will be for wealthy businessmen such as billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg, but makes no mention of how awful it will be for the rest of us.  

How about restricting immigration until 25 million Americans can find good-paying jobs?

That would be a comprehensive reform I could support.

Christopher Reimer is a resident of Arundel.