Republicans who fight against legislation to stop climate change and also claim to be pro-business, like Gov. LePage, are misinformed and poor businessmen (“LePage points to climate change as plus for Maine,” Dec. 6). There is nothing more anti-business than denying that climate change is occurring.

Here’s why:

Without a healthy planet, there is no business. With more droughts, storms and disastrous events, we Americans are spending billions on recovery efforts and losing profits.

Maine is a state that derives much of its revenue from a distinct set of seasons, particularly a cold, snow-filled winter.

With climate change, we’re experiencing more rain than snow in the winter, costing businesses like ski resorts big money. Fewer skiers come earlier and later in the season, and more money is spent on man-made snow, cutting into budgets.

Higher temperatures also mean less natural snow, which creates lost revenue for snowmobile outfits and the businesses that benefit from snowmobilers: hotels, convenience stores, gas stations and a multitude of small businesses in Maine.

And it isn’t just the winter in Maine that suffers from climate change. With continuing climate change Maine will experience rainier, warmer and more humid summers that will encourage more disease-carrying insects to visit the state, posing a threat to all Mainers. Increased heat waves will result in more deaths, particularly among the elderly population.

Democrats and Republicans can disagree on budgets and ideology, but climate change is scientific fact. As long as the Republican Party denies climate change and ignores this threat to the stability of Maine’s economy, they will never earn my vote.

Benjamin Gadberry



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