Isn’t the withholding of Maine General Assistance dollars from immigrants whom we’ve just granted political asylum in this country the same thing as using food (or shelter) as a political weapon against them in their former countries?

That’s why many of them are here in Maine in the first place – because of a brutal dictator’s abuse of power. Starving your enemies into submission or death is one of the oldest and most atrocious political tricks in the history book.

If we allow Gov. LePage to deny immigrants access to basic human needs, then we’re no different from the bad guys. It’s purely political. That’s why Gov. LePage won’t tell us how much money his big idea will save the taxpayer. His critics estimate the cost savings would be minimal.

What Gov. LePage is attempting to do by denying immigrants food and shelter is evil, morally and politically. I want it stopped. And I pray that the good people of this state will rally behind current efforts to support Maine’s immigrant population as they transition to the way life ought to be.

Jeannine Oren


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