The Select Senate Intelligence Report needs to be released to the U.S. public. Why? This report incorporates information from millions of classified CIA documents. It includes records of each and every prisoner detained and interrogated by the CIA.

After more than three years of work and $40 million, we the taxpayers should be able to see the results. Not only is the report allegedly claiming high-level CIA implications, but the misleading statements to Congress and the White House on these “enhanced interrogation” procedures.

Reportedly, the report concludes that torture was not effective as a tool for gathering evidence and protecting our national security. U.S. pop culture has shown misinformation about the CIA’s use of torture. This has shown “heroic breakthroughs” through torture that never happened.

And lastly, our government is still able to reauthorize the use of torture at some point in the future. This report shows how loopholes were used to “legally” use torture. To make a policy that prevents this abuse in the future, we need to know what happened.

Daniel Rynberg



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