The recent article on missing cats brought to mind my experience about 10 years back, at my house in North Carolina. Inside of a week and a half, all three of my cats turned up missing.

Inquiring around the neighborhood, I found another cat missing from a home one block over. Also, another cat with which my cats played was missing. My postman related that he had been on a bike trip with a buddy a couple hundred miles away. Sitting in a restaurant, he saw some men putting out animal traps from a pickup truck. He asked his buddy what they were doing and the answer was, trapping feral cats. In actuality, trapping any cat that came to eat the bait. When he asked what would be done with the cats, his buddy told him they would be sold to animal testing laboratories.

After notifying ASPCA and HSUS of these events, they recommended that I call the local agent for the Department of Agriculture in Raleigh. I called the resident veteranarian and was told that if any stolen animal was ever found at a laboratory, they would be fined a significant amount.

More likely, he said, was that the animals had been trapped for use in satanic sacrifices. Also, there were notes posted at the local quick stop about a number of missing puppies and dogs.

About three weeks later, Lisl, a 6-year-old female, came home, somewhat emaciated. She had probably escaped when they attempted to move her from the trap to another cage. Wolfgang, 14, and Wilhelm, 13, never made it home.

Local shelters should track the dates and locations of missing pets to determine if they are being trapped.

There are evil people out there. Be careful.

-Frank Novotny, Biddeford