It is difficult to understand how Wes Uhlman, the Department of Health and Human Services’ child care licensing supervisor, is allowed to continue his employment and not be terminated from the DHHS (“Maine child care licensing supervisor reassigned,” March 9).

After about a year-plus of knowledge about abuse that the children allegedly were exposed to at Sunshine Child Care in Lyman, he failed to take corrective action. This indicates very poor judgment. Maybe there are others who also knew about it and need to be investigated.

Two former DHHS employees, along with the media, thankfully, raised awareness of the problem. It is great to see the DHHS is finally going to make major improvements in procedures so that these kinds of activities never happen again.

All employees with responsibilities in all phases of child care facilities should be the correct person for the responsibilities involved. And their jobs should be terminated if those responsibilities are ignored.

No way should these defenseless little folks be subjected to the kinds of actions that allegedly occurred at Sunshine Child Care. Full transparency is a must.

Don Delisle


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