I would like an answer to an age-old question – where are our exorbitant city taxes going? Maybe there is one knowledgeable person who can explain the benefits we receive for these too-high taxes. I recently mailed my half-year tax payment, $2,000, to our fair city. The monies certainly are not benefiting Portland residents. Our streets are atrocious – potholes big enough to swallow a tire or two.

One area in point is a 1-mile stretch from Warwick Street to Ludlow that is most often traveled by our family.

This small stretch begins to get seriously worse after Starlite Road, on to Candelewick. And then, of course, there is Ludlow to Brighton, where one must carefully watch for more of these “craters.”

My message to the city is let us forget about winter and get to work!

Kay Genovese



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