I am not an expert on health care, but I have been following the Press Herald’s articles regarding the MaineCare expansion bill. I am having trouble understanding why the governor’s veto of the bill makes sense.

His explanation seems to be that we shouldn’t take the federal money and expand coverage now because the federal government will eventually reduce its share of payments from the current 100 percent to 90 percent , which will result in greater costs to Maine taxpayers once the federal payments are reduced or potentially even eliminated.

But isn’t it those same taxpayers who are now facing continually increasing premiums and hospital costs because of the patients who do not have coverage and can’t afford the cost of services? Moreover, because those patients do not receive good preventive care, their ultimate expenses tend to be higher, which again, we who have insurance and pay taxes see in the form of higher premiums and increased taxes to cover the costs of social services.

Why not take our fair share of the federal money that we Maine taxpayers are contributing rather than seeing it go to those in other states? Would someone explain what am I missing that would lead me to conclude that the governor’s actions make sense?

Ken Farber


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