The gas company Unitil repaired damage to a gas line that led to the evacuation of three buildings in the Marginal Way area Monday morning.

The streets were reopened by noon, the fire department reported.

Portland firefighters evacuated the buildings after a gas leak from an old underground line allowed gas to seep up through the ground.

Firefighters were called to 195 Kennebec St., the former Century Tire building, after a person smelled the gas at about 9:30 a.m., according to Deputy Fire Chief David Jackson.

Firefighters blocked Kennebec Street while checking buildings for any elevated levels of gas.

They found none but still evacuated nearly 20 workers, mostly from Enterprise car rental, which has buildings on both sides of the street.

Nobody was injured.

Jackson said because of strong winds Monday, the gas dissipated quickly.

The gas line does not appear to be servicing a building but was still connected to the system, Jackson said.