With the start of construction season, Summit Natural Gas is bringing new energy options to Maine. That means more savings, more convenience and more control over the way we heat our homes and power our businesses.

In a state still overwhelmingly reliant on truck-delivered heating oil and labor-intensive wood, we are creating a brand new energy infrastructure for Maine that’s safe, reliable and efficient. At the same time, we are providing 400 high-paying jobs at the height of construction season, contributing new taxable property to municipalities, and allowing businesses major cost savings that generate still more economic value.

We have already laid more than 1 million feet of pipe in Maine, but we’re just getting started. By investing more than $460 million in local economies in the first five years, Summit is committed to a 10-year infrastructure investment in Maine that will bring new, clean-burning natural gas to nearly two dozen Maine communities.

Nothing this substantial happens overnight. It’s a process.

As 2015 construction season begins, you will find us continuing the build-out of the system near roadways and byways in Augusta, Cumberland, Fairfield, Falmouth, Waterville and Yarmouth.

Inside the work zone, we are continuously making improvements to our processes to better serve our customers and ensure that natural gas pipelines remain among the safest fuel transportation systems in the world. Many systems contain meters designed to detect changes in pressure, and many include automatic shut-off valves that isolate leaks. In addition, SNG adds a harmless product called Mercaptin to our gas that smells like rotten eggs, in order to better monitor the supply.


Construction is scheduled to begin this month and will continue through the fall. Summit will be working with a team of experienced, qualified contractors to ensure strict compliance with all state, federal and safety regulations, and to ensure minimal impacts on the traveling public and on public roads.

Are we coming to your area?

Because we align construction with the number of signed service contracts in each neighborhood, decisions to move forward on specific streets are made based on customer demand.

We are reaching out to anyone living in the neighborhoods near our service expansion map to contact us at (207) 621-8000 to discuss how converting to natural gas can save you time and money, burn cleaner for the environment, and always be there when you need it.

Visit http://summitnaturalgasmaine.com/service-areas/ to see if we’ll be in a neighborhood near you in 2015.

If we are nearby, now is a good time to order service, and remember to always call us at (800) 909-7642 to report any concern about safety or undue traffic stoppages around work zones.

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