I read, with great interest, a recent letter to the “Voice of the People” regarding the difficulty seniors are having with paying their Portland property taxes.

I’d like to add my comments.

I am 70 years old. I have had a cottage on Peaks Island for the past 30 years. It is very small, but a part of it borders on the water. My real estate taxes are $6,700 per year!

I go to Panama for the winter because it’s cheap living. I am actually only in my home for six months. Do the math. That’s over $1,100 in taxes per month just to live in my own home (regardless of mortgage or repair costs).

When I went to the tax office to complain, their response was “well, you might have to sell your home.”

I am on a fixed income. I have some “nest-egg” savings, but I am alarmed when I have to dip into it just to pay my real estate taxes.

Something has to be done for seniors who are in the same situation.

You’ll be there someday, too! Then you’ll understand.

Glenn Robinson

Peaks Island