Freeport High School 2014 students graduating summa cum laude w / distinction listed alphabetically:

Emma Egan
Emma is the daughter of Michelle Bosse and John Egan. Emma is a member of the Interact Club, Student Newspaper Publication, Student Council, GSTA (Gay Straight Transgender Alliance), and the National Honor Society. Awards include Phi Beta Kappa Award, School Representative for Girl’s State, Good Citizen Award for Daughters of the American Revolution, WMC Citizenship Award for FHS. Emma will be attending Bates College.

Alec Fisher
Alec is the son of Leigh Fisher and Jeff Fisher. Alec is a member of the National Honor society, The Clarion, and GSTA (Gay Straight Transgender Alliance), Activities include gymnastics. Awards: Excellence in Writing Award, and the University of Maine Humanities Book Award. Alec will be attending the University of Southern Maine.

Christopher P. Forest
Christopher is the son of Dawn E. Forest and Keith P. Forest. Christopher is a member of the National Honor Society and is involved in volunteer work. Awards include: Perfect Attendance Award (2 years), Latin II Award, Outstanding Academics in Geometry Award, Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology, Outstanding Academic Achievement in Algebra Award, and the Portrayal of an Exemplary Student in Mathematics Award. Christopher will attend the University of Maine, Farmington.

Julia Rachel Fosburg
Julia is the daughter of Molly Schwenn and Martin Fosburg. Julia is a member of the National Honor Society and GSTA (Gay Straight Transgender Alliance), Activities include: Soccer (4 years), Mentoring (11, 12), Lacrosse (9, 10, 11, 12), and Women’s ensemble (10, 11, 12). Awards: Academic Excellence in English 9 (Grade 9) and Coach’s award in Lacrosse (9). Julia will be attending the University of Vermont.

Fiona Harbert
Fiona is the daughter of Heidi Gerquest and Tonee Harbert. Fiona is a member of Amnesty International Club, GST (Gay Straight Transgender Alliance),, Falcon Outlet, and the National Honor Society. Activities include: Mock Trail, Model U.N., Fall Musical, Middle School Musical, and Freshman Mentor. Awards: National Merit Scholar Letter of Commendation, Bates College Book Award, and National Elks Club Scholar. Fiona will be attending Vassar College.

Brooke Heathco
Brooke is the daughter of Tammy and Joseph Heathco. Brooke is a member of the Math Team, National Honor Society, Mentor, Varsity Soccer, and Yearbook. Activities include: Seacoast Premier Soccer Team, Varsity Soccer (9, 10, 11, 12), Volunteer Soccer Coach, Morse Street School Volunteer, Blue Ocean Society & local beach clean up, and volunteer for Run in a Race. Awards: National Honor Society, President’s Education Award for Academic Excellence, St. Thomas Book Award, Western Maine All Conference Athletic Recognition Award lst Team (11, 12). Brooke will be attending Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.


Natalie Jortner
Natalie is the daughter of Marianne Ringel and Wayne Jortner. Natalie is a member of the Tennis Team, Model United Nations, Amnesty International, Falcon Outlet (Newspaper), Mock Trial Team, and Math Team. Activities include: Senior year abroad in Madrid, volunteering for organizations including Seeds of Independence and Konbit Sante (helping the healthcare system in Haiti). Awards: President’s Education Award, Global Studies Award, Excellence in AP Language and Composition, Thesil Morlan Memorial Book Award (awarded at Model UN conference for dedication to social justice), Wellesley Book Award, Honors English Award, Excellence in Honors Geometry, and Second Place in Photography Show. Natalie will be attending Haverford College.

Travis Libsack
Travis is the son of Jennifer and Jamy Libsack. Travis is a member of the Math Team, R.S.V.P. (Reducing Sexism and Violence Program) World Quest (Academic quiz competition), Model United Nations, Interact Club (community service). Activities include: Boy Scouts of America, Club Swimming (Casco Bay Stripers), Freeport Ultimate Frisbee Club, and Project RoboGoby! Awards: Eagle Scout, Boy’s State Representative, National Honor Society Member, Dartmouth Book Award, Junior Citizenship Award, and Excellence in Mathematics and Social Studies Award. Travis will be attending The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nicholas Nelsonwood
Nicholas is the son of Pauline Wood and Geoffrey Nelson. Nick is a member of Model UN, World Quest, Math Team, National Honor Society, and Student Government. Activities include: Soccer, Nordic Skiing, and Ultimate Frisbee. Awards: Yale Book Award, All Conference 2nd Team Soccer (Junior and Senior year), Excellence in Math, English, French, and History, Max Thomas Scholarship (exemplary Nordic Skier), and Coaches Award in Soccer. Nick will be attending Princeton University.

Katelyn O’Neil
Katelyn is the daughter of Beth Ahearn and Chris O’Neil. Katie is a member of the Interact Club, R.S.V.P. (Reducing Sexism and Violence Program), National Honor Society, Falcon Outlet (newspaper) and Amnesty International. Activities include: World Quest, Math Team, Model UN, Mock Trial, ballet, XC, Track (indoor and outdoor) Tennis, Soccer, Spanish tutor and Concert Band. Katie will be taking a gap year.

Jessica Perry
Jessica is the daughter of Michael Perry and Rebecca Johnson. Jessica is a member of the Interact Club, Earth Club, International Interact Club, and Seeds of Independence. Activities include: Basketball, Softball, and Soccer. Awards: Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Williams College Book Award, Latin II Award, and English 11 Award. Jessica will be attending Boston College.

Catherine Ellis Price
Ellis is the daughter of Peter Price and Louise Price. Ellis is a member of Amnesty International, The Falcon Outlet (school newspaper), and National Honor Society. Activities include: Sailing competitively on the Southern Maine High School Team for the fall and spring. During the summer coached sailing at the Harraseeket Yacht Club. Loves to draw, take photographs and create art. Ellis will be attending Bowdoin College.


Ethan Joseph Roney
Ethan is the son of Lisa Roney and Christopher Roney. He is a member of the Math Team, Earth Club, Peace Garden Club, Tech Team, National Honor Society, and Seed’s of Independence. Activities include: Volunteering at Coastal Humane Society, Soccer, Tennis, Running, Skiing, Bookkeeper for Freshman Basketball Team, Stage Crew, Church volunteer, and volunteer dog walker. Awards: Pride and Character Award (9, 10, 12), Athletic Excellence Award (9), RIT Computing Medal Award, Perfect Attendance (9), Honors Geometry Award, Highest scoring freshman and junior Math Team, and Solomon H. Plummer Citizenship Award. Ethan will be attending the University of Maine, Orono.

Hayley Steckler
Hayley is the daughter of Marcia Bowen and David Steckler. Hayley is a member of the Peace Garden Club (10,11), Student Council (10,11), Vice President Student Council (12), Outing Club (10), Interact Club (10, 11, 12), Amnesty International Club (10,11), Math Team (10,11), National Honor Society (12), Earth Club (12), R.S.V.P. (Reducing Sexism and Violence Program), and FHS Mentor Program (11, 12). Activities include: Fall Performing Arts Production (12), Concert Band (9-12), Hostess at Antonia’s Pizzeria (11, 12), Babysitting (9-12), Fall Soccer (9), Nordic Skiing (9, 10), Varsity Outdoor Track (9-12), Varsity Indoor Track (11, 12), and Varsity Cross Country (10,11, 12). Awards: Member of the state champion 4×2 relay team and state runner-up 4×8 relay team (12), Western Maine Conference Athletic Recognition Award for the All-Academic Team in Cross Country 2013 (12), Western Maine Conference Athletic Recognition Award for the All-Academic Team in Indoor Track and Field 2014 (12), Second Place in the Spring 2013, Lioness Book Club Writing Speech contest (11);, Excellence in English 11 Award (11), Top 30 Individual Finishers in Class B Regional Girls Cross Country meet (11), Western Maine Conference Athletic Recognition Award for achieving Cross Country 2012 All Conference Second Team (11), Golden Arrow Award for Varsity Cross Country 2011 (10), and Perfect Attendance for the 20110-2011 school year (9).

Freeport High School Graduating Class of 2014

Name Last

Kendra Allard

Sydney Ambrose


Dillon Ames

Clifford Anderson

Dakota Asselyn

Heather Balfour

Audrey Balzer

Tiago Barreto


Kersti Bayne

Elly Bengtsson

Zoe Bernstein

Chandler Birmingham

Gabrielle Bousquet

Nicholas Boyden


Tyler Brissette

Adam Brobst

Meredith Broderick

Ryan Brooks

James Brosseau

Molly Brown


Diletta Bruni

Olivia Bubar

Cameron Buthlay

Sommer Cassidy

Dalton Chapman

Kortny Charette


Brandon Cigri

Alisha Cleaves

Brittany Cogswell

Dylan Cogswell

Deanna Connor

Devin Cressey


Aaron Daniel

Nina Davenport

Alexis Dietrich

Niko DiFazio

Olivia Dimick

Ashley Dimock


Mark Donahue

Spencer Drake

Gabrielle Durant

Emma Egan

Drew Everett

Alec Fisher


Christopher Forest

Julia Fosburg

Tess Emily Gallagher

Alisha Goldrup

Reilly Grabenstein

Kelsey Grant


Mary Gregory

Xiaojia Guo

Fiona Harbert

Katie Harlow

Sydney Harnden

Chanler Harrison


Michael Harrison

Samantha Hart

Brooke Heathco

Adam Hetrick

Matthew Howard

Emily Jennings


Cody Jones

Natalie Jortner

Bethanie Knighton

Lily LaMarre

Molly Lane

William Henry Lawrence


Vanessa Lee

Hong Bo Li

Travis Libsack

Ben MacMillan

Heather Margerison

Olivia Marquis


Braden Marstaller

Rebekah Martin

Katie McClelland

Elijah McCurdy

Cody McEnery

Sarah Melcher


Matthew Mitchell

Emily Ann Monahan-Morang

Benjamin Moore

Danielle Morency

Ben Moulton

Ryan Moyer


Nicholas Nelsonwood

Kyle Newell

Joseph Nixon

Savita Nooreen

Nicholas O’Connell

Katie O’Neil


Logan Parker

Megan Peacock

Danica Perry

Jessica Perry

Megan Pfeffer

Catherine Price


Austin Rice

Ashley Richardson

Ethan Roney

Kenny San

Haley Sanborn

Shelby Sawyer


Rachel Sayward

Jamie Schaedler

Julia Schneider

Matthew Schultheis

Daniel Sinclair

Leanna Smith


Christopher Snow

Evan Spaulding

Hayley Steckler

Chandler Stilkey

Harrison Stivers

Darnel Strother


Zachary Strozewski

Emily Sturtevant

Sydney Terison

Aaron Thurlow

Gabriel Tilton

Liam Wade


Eric Wentworth

Ethan Whited

Seth Whynot

Austin Williams

Michael Williams

Naomi Williams

Brianna Wilson

Tyler Wilson

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