If the anti-bear hunting referendum passes, there will be a population explosion of bears in Maine.

Since the food source for the bears is limited, bears will seek food in homes. They will harass and possibly consume pet cats and dogs. They will cause damage.

These bears will need to be trapped and relocated.

I suggest that a list be made based on the percentage of voters in each district who vote to restrict bear hunting. I suggest that the rogue bears be relocated according to this list.

The first bear needing to be relocated will be placed in the center of the electoral district whose voters cast the highest percentage for the referendum.

The second bear would be placed in the next district on the list.

This would continue until there were no more districts whose voters approved the referendum.

The process would repeat from the top of the list.

It seems to me that this would result in the greatest degree of fairness in considering the voters’ actions and intentions.

Charles Rappaport