Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Julie McDonald-Smith sees only the best in our governor LePage through her rose-colored glasses. I’m an independent critical thinker, observant, and find her opinion on the LePage record to be incomplete, thus inaccurate. It’s curious that she reprimands the Fourth Estate for having a leftist bias against LePage, when she presents her right-wing bias in his favor so blithely.

Everyday life is not so categorically left/right as writers such as McDonald-Smith make it out to be. I vote for who presents the best message that resonates with my life circumstances, and who has the best track record in proving that message. I voted for Paul LePage last time primarily because he promised to help keep Mainers in our homes through his business expertise. I now find his performance in that regard lacking. He eliminated the circuit-breaker program that helped me keep my property taxes lower. He tried his best to eliminate outright municipal revenue sharing, and if he had succeeded my property taxes most assuredly would have gone up.

I am not one of those liberals McDonald-Smith regularly disparages. My vote is up for grabs. The facts down on the ground are what get my attention, not empty ideological promises. LePage lowering Maine state wage taxes gave me $200. Cutting the circuit breaker cost me $1,200. LePage talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk.

John Dow