Republicans Greg Payeur and Cathy Manchester both have lifetimes of hard work and significant achievement that make them excellent candidates for state representative and state senator. Greg is a lifelong resident of Falmouth, a graduate of UMaine, a U.S. Marine veteran and a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Cathy is also a lifelong resident of Maine, was valedictorian of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, the first woman police chief in Maine, and has built a highly successful and trusted real estate business. Both are extremely intelligent and have the kind of work ethic, record of achievement, and down-to-earth perspective that we need in Augusta.

We don’t need extremists in Augusta, we need people like Greg and Cathy, who will listen carefully to us all and work hard on our behalf. Please join me in voting for Greg Payeur in House District 44 and Cathy Manchester in Senate District 25.

Russell Anderson