I wish I could vote for Republican Paula Sutton of Warren in state Senate District 12, but I live in Washington state. Paula and I have been pen pals since the fifth grade, and she’s remained a friend who listens, cares and is open-minded.

My last two visits, I’ve gone door to door with her handing out literature for other political campaigns.

It was encouraging to see how approachable and knowledgeable she is and how she listened to people’s concerns.

Paula is an entrepreneur and a hard worker. She’s renovated and sold homes and operated restaurants. She worked long hours to improve the homes and restaurants. Paula has firsthand knowledge that there’s excessive government regulation that must be reduced.

Maine Senate District 12 would benefit from having Paula Sutton as its next state senator – one who is hardworking, looks out for the people and will represent them well.

Donna Hougnon

Ellensburg, Washington