The restaurant review column in your paper has always been one of my favorite things to read on a Sunday morning. Perhaps that is because I do so love to eat at wonderful restaurants and am always on the lookout for them.

Over the years I have enjoyed reading the comments of your food critics; some I have enjoyed more than others, but never has there been one as delightful to read as James Schwartz!

Not only does he know his food and how it should best be prepared and presented, he knows how to use the English language. He writes beautifully, and has such a delicious and wry sense of humor. As we all know, without humor we are ruined!

Mr. Schwartz has such a nice way of offering his views on the meals he has been served. There is never a trace of mean-spiritedness or malice in his column.

He praises where praises are due, and gently offers suggestions where there could be improvement. He is always the perfect gentleman – as rare these days as the perfect restaurant!

No one can describe an egg oozing over a smoked mackerel salad the way James Schwartz does (“Dine Out Maine: Thistle Pig in South Berwick,” Nov. 30); it makes me want to run out and order that bit of heaven right now.

You have struck gold with this food writer; hold on to him!

Audrey Delafield

South Portland