The University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor is featuring the work of four artists, John Gallagher, Matt Phillips, Suzanne Laura Kammin and Roz Leibowitz.

The exhibits, which end Jan. 3, include work from Gallagher entitled “Out of Nowhere: John Gallagher Paintings 1996-2014.”

Gallagher is showing a number of recent abstract paintings and several early pieces. According to a press release, Gallagher’s “acrylic on paper compositions possess an unharnessed, gestural energy that can be associated with the abstract expressionists, specifically Willem de Kooning canvases and Jackson Pollock’s early paintings.”

Phillips’ exhibit is called “Staring at the Sun with a Penny in My Pocket.” He is a Brooklyn-based artist whose paintings appear to be rooted in rigid formal abstraction. But a closer look will show the art as deceptively complex pieces of work, each containing varied and richly worked surfaces, according to the press release.

Kammin’s “Tales from the Turnpike” paintings feature abstract oil on panel. Her dynamic palette includes vibrant reds, saturated yellows and a variety of cool blues.

“The Little Fools” has black-and-white photographs by Leibowitz, a New-York artist. The show portrays her collection of vintage dolls, weathered and often broken and found in flea markets, thrift stores and online auctions, as well as hand-made creations. Some of her photographs are absurd and humorous, but more often they evoke dark, eerie associations.

The museums hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday. For more information about the exhibit or artists, go to

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