1. The stadium itself is made from Brian’s cotton candy-making bowl with team logos stuck on the outside. He got the idea after googling the Phoenix stadium and discovering that it’s silver-colored.

2. Maine beers line the outside of the stadium. The O’Heas were looking forward to cracking some of them open after construction was complete.

3. Those aren’t bell peppers, silly. They’re colorful pennants waving in the wind.

4. The chefs figured guacamole would turn brown, so their football field is made of trimmed wheatgrass. “Our thought,” Brian O’Hea said, “was that if you are indulgent on Super Bowl Sunday, you could use that the next day and make yourself something a little bit healthier.”

5. The football “players” are Jell-O shots in push pops that insert easily into the wheatgrass. The Patriots’ players are strawberry-rum topped with red, white and blue sprinkles, while the Seahawks are lime and Patron tequila topped with blue sprinkles.

6. The football is made of chocolate paté (chocolate, cream, butter, egg yolks, powdered sugar and Grand Marnier) and buttercream frosting. It’s placed between the teams, ready for kick-off.


7. The lines and numbers on the field are made of meringue.

8. The goal posts are caramel-covered lollipop sticks.

9. The Seahawks’ end zone contains fava bean purée. Their name is written in dyed meringue.

10. The Patriots’ end zone is filled with salsa. Their name is written in dyed meringue.

11. The scoreboard is made of puff pastry; the score is written in frosting piped in dots so it look like lights.

12. Brian O’Hea’s pretzel nuggets are boiled in beer and then baked off in a little bacon fat.


13. The chefs’ homemade version of Cracker Jacks is made with honey and caramelized peanuts.

14. Shanna O’Hea made these homemade pepperoni “Combos” on the Food Network show “Rewrapped” in October. (See recipe)

15. The chefs’ fruit roll-ups are made with pureed mango chunks mixed with gelatin and rolled in cellophane.

16. The chefs’ “Mallomars” are made from homemade marshmallows in graham cracker-almond crusts, then dipped in chocolate pate.

17. These homemade “Nutter Butters” are peanut butter and oatmeal cookies filled with peanut-butter buttercream.

18. Shanna O’Hea’s homemade “Cheez-Its” start with sables, classic French butter cookies. She replaces the usual sugar with cheddar cheese and then dusts them with cheddar powder before baking.

19. The chefs’ homemade “Oreos” are chocolate shortbread cookies filled with vanilla buttercream.

20. The chefs purchased some store-bought snacks, including Humpty Dumpty “All Dressed” chips, which they call “ridiculously addictive.” Their homemade version is made with their own blend of sriracha powder, vinegar and chili-lime seasoning.

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