The Honey Paw, a newly opened restaurant in the downtown of Portland, is already drawing attention to itself, despite its short existence, just by its name alone.

The instant guests walks into the restaurant, they feel as if they are in a beehive! The honeycomb lampshades, sunflower-yellow walls and hexagon-shaped stools all contribute to the honey theme. There is a bar, a communal island in the middle of the restaurant, and seating along the perimeter of the room, which is always a good place for those who enjoy people watching, since there are floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the street.

The Honey Paw serves a variety of meals that include meats and vegetables, but a huge portion involves noodles.

For those who don’t want a meal and would prefer a quick afternoon dessert, then this is the right place, too. A fine selection of sweets such as pastries, slices of cake and homemade soft serve ice cream are perfect options for takeout. One can enjoy the outdoor tables that stand along the brick sidewalk, and friendly service is provided, whether one is dining in or out.

There is one dessert in particular that goes with the restaurant’s theme: the caramelized honey ice cream. With a chocolate shell and honeycomb crumbs sprinkled on top, it is truly what makes a visit to the Honey Paw complete. The light and crunchy honeycomb tastes almost like toffee, and complements the rich and smooth chocolate shell. The ice cream itself is soft, light, and has a freshness to it. The honey flavor doesn’t taste artificial, but instead, natural, and one can taste the homemade honey.

In just one spoonful, a mixture of cool, crunchy and smooth combines to create the sweetest summer treat in Portland.

The Honey Paw is the new way to enjoy summer’s delicious desserts, and a visit there should be on the to-do list.

Cassandra Albano, 16, is from Portland.

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