Charlie Compton, 15, modeled his bike-powered food cart after a creme brulee truck he saw in San Francisco. “I always wanted to start a food truck,” he said, “but I’m too young to drive, so me and my mom came up with the idea of the food bike.”

He built his cart with the help of a neighbor after raising $1,500 on Kickstarter. Compton makes the creme brulee in a commercial kitchen, then torches it once someone orders one.

What does a 15-year-old know about making creme brulee? Plenty. Compton learned how to make the classic dessert in a French cooking class he took while traveling around Europe.

WHAT HE SELLS: Creme brulee.

HOW MUCH: $4 each.

CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Compton is experimenting with different flavors, but for now is only selling traditional creme brulee.

HOW TO FIND HIM: Compton will be at Flea Bites in Portland on the first Friday in September. Otherwise, his schedule varies. Watch his Facebook page for updates.