In Texas, eating contests usually involve gigantic steaks. In New Jersey, it’s hot dogs. And in Portland, Maine, it’s … tacos?

Yep, stuff your face with a 2-pound Taco Gigante at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant anytime between now and Oct. 27 and you can win free tacos for a year – but only if you eat the entire thing. A good time to make the attempt would be Sunday, Oct. 4, which is National Taco Day.

That’s also the day when local fire and police departments will hold a “Battle of the Badges” taco-eating contest at 3 p.m. at the Portland Margaritas, 242 St. John St. The first person to finish the 2-pound taco will win a $250 donation to the charity of his or her team’s choice and a catered taco party at their department. The losing team will be rewarded with a $100 donation to the charity of its choice.

The Taco Gigante costs $11.99, and for every one sold during the monthlong promotion, the restaurant will donate $1 to End 68 Hours of Hunger, a nonprofit that helps school children who go hungry between Friday’s school lunch and Monday morning’s school breakfast.

The taco is a 12-inch tortilla shell filled with refried beans, Mexican rice, seasoned chicken, taco beef, bacon and salsa fresca.