Some of us have been wondering where Paul LePage is going to strike next.

The suspense may well make some people want to move away or, if they are from away, to stay away. But some people may be staying or visiting in order to see what the governor will think of next.

We need a LePage Park, like Jurassic Park, where the governor can be let totally loose. In his park, he could pass any law he wants, take revenge on anyone he doesn’t like, whip any lazy deadbeats into action, abolish a free press, incarcerate Democrats and any uncooperative Republicans and set fire to standing timber to keep the poor warm.

He could bully anyone he likes, especially those he thinks may be bullying him or some other poor innocent like him, once a defenseless waif on the tough streets of Lewiston.

LePage Park would be fenced off, but the governor could set up inner wires to catch any drugs smuggled in by people from southern New England. SWAT teams of state police could be set up on the main road in and out of the park to waylay drug offenders.

Income from visitors to the park would be substantial, though some people might choose to observe the active rampaging on the large-screen TVs in the Visitors’ Center, at a considerable remove from the park. The bold may venture into LePage Park itself.

Gerry Brookes


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