Re: “Portland Museum of Art’s biennial an exciting and diverse – if crowded – show” (Oct. 18):

Art critic Daniel Kany insulted the Wabanaki basketmakers in his review of the Portland Museum of Art’s 2015 Biennial with his belittling description of their work as “decorative basketry.”

Kany’s remark sadly illustrates a continued prejudice toward Native Americans in the state of Maine. Jeremy Frey, George Neptune, Theresa Secord and Sarah Sockbeson are important contemporary artists who have been nationally recognized for their work. The inclusion of their work in the 2015 PMA Biennial is a significant moment in which to recognize their art in Maine.

If Kany had critical issues to take up with the Wabanaki basketry, that would have been fair, but by dismissing it in a patronizing and offhand manner, he discredits himself as a judicious commentator on contemporary art in Maine.

Alison Ferris

guest curator, 2015 Portland Museum of Art Biennial