Surely the director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention wants to control and prevent diseases. But he’s backed down from his statement that Maine needs to have legislation to ensure a better immunization rate. With no pressure from any source? Really?

Maine can surely improve the immunization rate, and the health of its citizens, and still be aware of parents’ rights. The bill that was previously proposed required only that the parents be medically informed and fully aware of all of the facts before seeking an exemption, and that this be documented.

Why should the “rights” of uniformed and/or mistaken parents be more important than the rights of individuals who might become ill or even die because they are unknowingly exposed to unvaccinated children?

More than anyone else in the state, CDC Director Kenneth Albert should be pushing for ways to ensure a higher immunization rate in order to protect as many citizens as possible. Given his profession and his position, how can he ethically do otherwise?

Janet R. Corbett

retired registered nurse