Re: “Plastic bags and bans catching on in Maine” (Oct. 11):

Banning plastic bags in Falmouth will not help save the sea turtles or anything else.

Falmouth already has multiple recycling places. Plastic bags can be recycled at Hannaford, or the town dump, or in the recycle bins the rubbish man picks up every week right at your doorstep.

These recycled bags and bottles are made into useful things, like the plastic boards that were used to build the wharf at Town Landing in Falmouth. But left-wing extremists want these bags banned so they can feel like they have saved the sea turtles or the planet. All they will be doing is putting people out of work and making life a little more difficult for a lot of people.

Meanwhile, last month, a teenage boy was given an award in Manila, Philippines, for inventing a biodegradable plastic bag. I brought one of these bags back from the Philippines.

It would make more sense to get U.S. manufacturers to start making these biodegradable plastic bags instead of doing a lot of harm by a total ban on plastic bags. This will keep people working and not cause problems for store owners.

It will also help people like me who have multiple uses for those plastic bags we get at the store.

Thomas O’Connor


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