There have been several great letters on “no raise for seniors” (Dec. 6, Jan. 11 and Jan. 19). I think there needs to be more to make the pencil pushers aware of the impact that the lack of a Social Security cost-of-living increase has on our seniors.

My supplemental insurance increased $13.30 each month! My homeowners insurance increased $33. Car insurance increased $34. Property taxes went up.

We are supposed to eat healthy. A gallon of milk is over $4 in supermarkets, and hamburger is $5 per pound (these are my two favorite staples).

I have a one-income household. I do not have the opportunity to work an extra hour or two to pay for these increases.

My blood pressure is rising just talking about this. But that’s OK. The price of gasoline is down. So I can drive to the drugstore to refill my high blood pressure medicine!

Did they really think this one out?

Mary Langlois


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